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Mia Arawi 27 Nov 2022

9 Times Lebanese Politics Jumped the Shark

Jumping the shark is a term coined for when the series Happy Days had a character literally jump over the shark. It is defined for when something “reaches a point when far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality”.

1. “Leh el 7ara2ey bas bel manate2 el masi7iye”

Leh bas 3anna 3am te7tere2 el shark jumps? Like if you asked a white person to do a parody of Lebanon they would have invented this Mario Aoun quote and we would’ve all made fun of them for being unoriginal, but here we are.

2. When we defeated COVID in 2 months

Remember when Hamed Hassan was the talk of the town for a year, dark dark times.

3. When Aoun said rayheen “3a jhanam”

Your president literally says we’re all going to hell, can you jump higher than that.

4. “I don’t have any bank accounts nor credit, I rely on God”

Samir Geagea, please don’t lie to me.

5. When Mryiam Klink was elected for president

In an alternate timeline, she is elected president instead of Michel Aoun and the dollar is now 750 L.L.

6. When Riad Salameh said “El Lira b Alf Kheir” back in October 2019

Speaking of the dollar, could this have been any more on the nose?

7. When Michel el-Murr became an MP

Ma 7a ou3edkon b shi.

8. When Gebran Bassil said 7a yjeeb el kahraba 24 hours

Look at us now king, look at us now.

9. When Nabih Berri makes jokes in parliament

Like come on, a pandemic, an explosion, the coming apocalypse, yet one man stands strong.