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Labib Mansour 28 Nov 2022

Tired Of The World Cup? Escape To These 12 Places In Beirut

The World Cup is nowhere near done and we’re already tired of it. If you’re on the lookout for places where you can forget the whole thing is even happening, we’ve got you covered.

1. Li Beirut, Hamra

Distract yourself with Fayrouz classics, delicious Lebanese mezza, and a glass of Arak. The best way to escape the World Cup chaos is by immersing yourself in all things Lebanese.

2. Notes Specialty Coffee, Achrafieh

Coffee lovers, bookworms, and early birds, Notes is ready to kickstart your morning with their specialty coffee and a bite of their fresh bakes. Munch on sweet cookies or opt for a creamy lotus cake to go with your latte—the perfect distractions.

3. The Witty Bun, Badaro

Treat yourself to a smashed burger from The Witty Bun, with juicy patties, melted cheese, and soft buns to top it all off. This is a burger that smiles back!

4. Naïve by Emné, Badaro

Art therapy anyone? Forget the rest of the world by sculpting some shapes and painting a few self-portraits at Naïve. This spot is for the creative souls who don’t find any interest in sports, so grab your equally non-sporty friends and book an arts and crafts session.

5. Café Younes, any location

Old but gold, the ideal spot to free your mind from loud commentators and crazy football fans. You can enjoy a calming morning and stick around for brunch to make sure you’re all set for the day.

6. Cyrano Apero, Gemmayze

Sure, Cyrano serves some of the best cocktails in town, but their brunch specials are unbeatable. If you’re a croissant lover, opt for their unique signature croissants that will surely beat any other dull dish.

7. Barzakh Bookshop, Hamra

A calming spot where you can listen to some soft music playing in the background while you shop for your next book. Even if you’re not in the mood to read, take a seat in their simplistic space and watch the bustling street of Hamra.

8. Di Farina, Badaro

One of the best distractions is a delectable pasta or pizza dish that will transport you to Italy. We recommend trying their tortelette Freschi al spinaci and Alfredo pizza, two honorable mentions from their menu.

9. Living Room, Mar Mikhael

At Living Room, you’ll get to socialize and bond with people over a board game (and how much you hate football). This chill space will keep you busy, from light bites to board games and movie nights.

10. Raseef, Hamra

A quaint Hamra spot that we recommend visiting either early in the morning of by lunch time. Their twist on traditional Lebanese dishes is definitely worth the try, so head on over to Raseef on an empty stomach.

11. The Slow, Mar Mikhael

Take things slow at The Slow (because even watching grown men run after a football is tiring). Their aesthetically pleasing bowls are as delicious as they look!

12. Riwaq, Mar Mikhael

This cultural place never witnesses a dull moment with its exciting events and upbeat energy. You’ll feel right at home as soon as you step in, and you’ll find yourself swaying to the live music or laughing at a punchline during a stand-up comedy show.