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Bassel Obeid 02 Dec 2022

9 Ways Your Lebanese Mom Reacts To The World Cup

Does your mom watch the World Cup matches with you? She may not be as hyped as you are, but here are some ways we think she would react.

1. *audible “yiyyy” when a player doesn’t score*

Mhammase w mrakze.

2. She asks you ayya faree2 3am yel3ab every few minutes

“Meen l azra2?”

3. “Mesh hayda byeshbaho la eben khalak Ahmad?”

And she’ll proceed to WhatsApp the family group so that they enjoy her realization as much as she did.

4. She randomly starts singing the annoying World Cup anthem

Or listens to it on TikTok with an obnoxiously loud volume.

5. “Wlek wayno Messi?”

Ya mama eltellik ma 3am yel3ab lyom

6. She watches animals predict this year’s winners on social media w somehow bte2tene3

Remember her obsession with that octopus that predicted previous winners?

7. She expresses her love for Qatar’s mascot

“Yi lek ma ahdamo, tole3 esmo La3eeb”

8. She criticizes each team for playing poorly and asserts that ahla team henne Spain

“Keef hay offside mesh mazboot!!!!”

The football expert has spoken khalas khede mahallo lal ref.

9. She probably still posts about that iconic Morgan Freeman appearance during the opening ceremony

“Ya 3amme hayda men wen jeboo bdal shufo, shu ken esmo?”