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Bassel Obeid 05 Dec 2022

11 Ways Your Lebanese Dad Reacts To The World Cup

You have to sit down and watch a World Cup game with your dad, is it the luckiest or the unluckiest day of your life? Whatever your answer is, we’re sure you’ve witnessed these 11 dad reactions.

1. 3a iyeme…

Ma ken fi kel hal daw w la3eebe w football w mal3ab…

2. Arabism

Before this World Cup your dad hadn’t shown an ounce of Arab pride, you were even beginning to have doubts about if he was a closeted phoenician, but as soon as the World Cup kicked off that all changed. Now your dad is ready to die for Tunis, Morocco, and even Saudi Arabia, just like Abdel Nasser dreamed.

3. Law kenno b Lebnen

Kenno sara2o el masare w ma 3amaro mal3ab w damaro el balad w… You’re right king but can we just sit and enjoy this.

4. Something racist

Hol el Yabaniye 7a yerba7o la2an ma feek tfare2on 3an ba3ed… Dad please

5. Geopolitical analysis

And it’s usually just stereotypes said in sophisticated language.

6. Meen hol?

Meen 3am yel3ab hala2, aya wa7ad aya lon? Their flags and name are right up there on the screen king.

7. Shu ya3ne offside

Dad… you’ve been watching football for 30 years and you’ve already asked me this question 10 times since the cup began.

8. Ade byo2bado hol

Leh enta ma fetet football?

9. Wayno Platini hal eyem

Bel 7abes…

10. Ade wazna el tabbe

Leh hayda li 3am tfakker fi hala2??!!! (Google says it’s between 410 and 450 grams)

11. Hayda hashish asle?

Eh baba