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Elise Daoud 06 Dec 2022

HalTek: Ending The Stigma On Women With Disabilities In Lebanon

With little to no representation in Lebanon, people with disabilities are not only struggling with accessibility but are also faced with the stigma around their social participation. People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable minorities in Lebanon, experiencing discrimination and exclusion at the hands of the state, institutions, and individuals.

HalTek is an organization that targets disability awareness, focusing particularly on women with disabilities in Lebanon. The scope of their work involves facilitating conversations with disabled individuals to break the stigma and provide a better understanding of what it means to have a disability.

The organization is launching an advocacy campaign to share the stories of many for the entire month of January, tackling issues of exclusion, discrimination, mistreatment, and misinformation.

One of their most recent videos talks about some of the most absurd things people with disabilities have been told. The video features Maria and Rafka as they chronicle their experiences in various areas of their lives.

HalTek is bringing up the conversation of disability awareness in a lighthearted yet informative manner. Check them out on Instagram so you can keep up with their amazing videos and be part of their awareness campaign.