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Bassel Obeid 06 Dec 2022

Tony Abou Jaoudeh’s Amazing 80s Rendition Of The Weeknd Goes Viral

Lebanese actor and stand up comedian Tony Abou Jaoudeh’s 80s-style cover of The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears is the best thing we’ve seen on the internet today. The cover, which Abou Jaoudeh’s describes as “if 80s icons were to sing recent 80s like songs” blends together over 10 amazing impressions of the 1980’s best and most iconic singers.

Abou Jaoudeh presents impeccable impressions of both the singer’s mannerisms and vocals, imitating artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Elton John to Stevie Wonder and The Pet Shop Boys.

@looneytony4 if 80s icons were to sing a recent 80s like song @The Weeknd #impressions #eightiesmusic #eightiesicon #saveyourtears #theweeknd original sound – Tony Abou Jaoudeh

Tiktok went crazy over the almost 4 minute long clip, which had gathered 866,000 likes at time of writing. One top commentator, receiving over 13 thousand likes, stated that “bro accidentally did a masterpiece.” The clip has already received 9.5 million views on the platform.

The range of vocals displayed by Abou Jaoudeh in the clip is one of the most impressive things we’ve seen, jumping around from icon to icon with complete ease. It is great to see Lebanon’s actors reinventing themselves on new social media platforms, especially when it gives us content as good as this.