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Bassel Obeid 08 Dec 2022

Matt’s: Beirut’s New Burger Joint With The Wildest Creations

On the lookout for a new burger joint to sink your teeth into? Luckily, a new spot just opened in the heart of Gemmayze and it’s ready to satisfy all your burger cravings.

Matt’s was opened by passionate burger lover Mo Ismail who made it his goal to serve you the most mouthwatering burgers in town, guaranteeing a perfected fluffy bun to go with their juicy AF patties.

Their menu boasts a variety of burgers that will satisfy every palate. You will always find something to suit your tastebuds, whether you’re blessed with a sweet tooth or a love for savory treats.

Are you the type who enjoys pineapple on pizza? Dig in to their Hawaiian creation, topped with Swiss cheese, grilled pineapples, onions, and coated with teriyaki sauce and mayo. You can balance out this perfectly sweet treat with an order of their crunchy chicken strips and fries with cajun spicing.

And we guarantee you’ve never tried anything like their Blu-Aru, a beef patty topped with blue cheese, balsamic glaze, aragula, and turkey bacon. If you’re an adventurous foodie, this is a must-try.

If you want to get to know the chef, you should try Mo’s Specialty burger, which has already garnered a lot of attention with its delicious combination of spicy and sweet flavors.

Who’s hungry for some kickass burgers? For more information, call 03 067 661. Matt’s burgers are available for delivery via the Gozilla app.