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Sarah Tarhini 08 Dec 2022

Live Like Royalty At This 200-Year-Old Guesthouse In Kfour

Want an elevated getaway experience like no other? This guesthouse in Kfour, Keserwan will make you feel like royalty with its charming Arabesque décor and gorgeous furniture.

Indira is a 200-year-old home that features stone walls, vaulted ceilings, and engraved wall installations in every room. Its salute to historical architecture will take you back in time—ideal for those seeking an escape and looking to disconnect.

From Ottoman-style patterns to sculptures from the Far East, every room is its own cultural experience.

Their Vizir Garden Suite raises the bar for luxurious getaways and calling it cozy would be an understatement. Get ready for the best night’s sleep after spending your afternoon unwinding at their spa.

As for food, Indira brings together a variety of dishes ranging from Thai delicacies to Levantine delights. This is one place where you can truly feast like kings.

For more information, visit their Instagram or call +961 3 290 046.