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Labib Mansour 09 Dec 2022

What Your Top Artist Of 2022 Says About You

Everyone is posting their Spotify and Anghami Wrapped for 2022, which features most listened songs and artists, and we have…opinions.

Here’s what we think your top artist of 2022 says about you.

1. Taylor Swift

Yes you’ve reminded us 20,000 times that Taylor Swift is a LyRiCaL gEniUS. You’re usually a picky person and the loudest friend of the group. You tend to exaggerate every. single. thing. Chances are you’re based in France, learning French because you want to be in France, or you’re just an asshole who complains about not being in France. Your best friends? Stray cats on Bliss.

But word of advice…don’t make a single thing your entire personality.

2. The Weeknd

You’re someone who is in an “ekher hamme l dene kella” mindset, no matter how bad things turn to shit. Your story highlights include literally every summer round up, and they include partying at Frozen Cherry or Rikkyz AT LEAST once. You might also be a gym rat who posts motivational quotes from Yalla Lets Heal and spam selfies with Instagram Music of a Weeknd song that doesn’t match the vibe at all.

3. Adonis

You want EVERYONE to know that you like Adonis. Much like Taylor Swift fans, you’ve made this your entire personality. You tend to complain A LOT like…”LESH HAL2AD GHALE?” *proceed to checkout* “WALAW SHU HAL 2AS3AR?” *order made successfully*

You’re also probably so quick to shit on Beirut.com content but like/share them anyway (shocker).

4. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray fans in Lebanon are Taylor Swift fans on crack. You’re willing to risk your life for a good time like ordering shawarmas from a sketchy sandwich joint even if it means you’ll spend the weekend on the toilet. You frequent places like Dead End Paradise where you make sure people know you’re drinking your sorrows away (even though you’re not even drinking hal2ad) because you’re such a sad bitch.

5. BTS (or any K-pop artist for that matter)

K-pop stans in Lebanon exist in caps lock. It’s hard to explain it, but maybe it helps if you imagine Assi El Hallani’s frozen shocked face from all the botox. You make 10,000 plans a week with your friends and sit through absolutely none of them (or maybe just one, to be generous). You’re usually the least judgmental person (because lol who listens to K-pop?) so btetefe2 ma3 el kel.

6. Wadih El Sheikh


Why is this your top artist?


7. Drake

You go to study spots like B Hive to do literally anything but study. Much like fans of The Weeknd, you post thirst traps and add Instagram Music of some random Drake song an unhealthy number of times per week. Your bios can either be a bunch of emojis or something like “Blessed. Empathy. Love. Justice. Other bullshit word” while you simultaneously stand for the exact opposite of most of them.

8. Harry Styles

In a constant state of enhiyar, even more than the Lira. Mid mental breakdown over your 20+ unfinished assignments, you’ll play Late Night Talking just to feel something, but all the late night talking you’ll be doing is with Indian chemistry tutors on YouTube because you’re failing your classes.

9. Myriam Fares

Very questionable. We’re not sure how to feel. Neither should you. Please don’t share this with anyone. And stop randomly breaking out into dance.