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Mia Arawi 12 Dec 2022

16 Guys You Will Definitely Find on Lebanese Tinder

Winter is upon us, the season where many start to look for a partner to spend cozy nights in with. If you’re one of those winter lovebunnies you’ve probably considered opening Tinder to find the next love of your life…good luck with that. Here are 16 guys you will definitely run into during your swiping escapades.

1. The Intellectual

With the five paragraph long bio. “Sapiosexual, bheb el banet li bet faker, into deep convos and intellectual WOMAN”

2. The Gymbo

“La2 mostaheel ma roo7 gym kel yom”

Is the gym really your ONLY personality trait?

3. The group pic guy

So do I just take a guess on which one you are? Or do I get to pick?

4. The Kinky King

“Halal on the streets, but haram in the sheets”

I hope your aunt Samira finds your profile

5. The Nature Lover

“Let’s get lost in the woods”

Um HELLO? Stranger danger?

5. The Dubai Flyover

The guy who works in Dubai, comes to Beirut every two weeks and makes sure to tell you about it every chance he gets. You’re 90% sure he has a spouse and kids in Dubai.

6. The Meme account admin

“I’m on Tinder to find my future wife haha, wanna see this cat meme?”

7. The Straight Forward One

“Hi, shoo aamle el layle?”

Eno…ask me about my day first?

8. The “Emta Badna Net3araf” Guy

“Sarlna aam nehke se3a bas hesis enno aana connection awiye”

Calm down experiment number 243

9. The Stoner

An “I Love Amsterdam” hat and a joint in his hand, THANK YOU NEXT

10. The one with too many mom pics

If you are trying the “caring guy who loves his mother trick”, it is not working because you have milked it in every picture.

11. The one using his pet to get laid

I swiped right for your dog FYI.

12. The foreign king looking for his oriental queen

“Do you have a flying carpet in your apartment?”

13. The ex

Damn it…

14. Sugar Daddy

“I only want to spoil you, no nudes!!! I promise”


15. The tortured Artist

Writes music, makes art, is broke, but you still fall for his tortured soul.

16. The Globetrotter

“I am only here for three days, I would love it if you can show me around.” Uhm, last time I checked, I am not a free tourist guide. But you can check out Beirut.com for some tips!