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Bassel Obeid 14 Dec 2022

11 Things Lebanese People Have To Say On Any Given Occasion

Lebanese people, bless them, love to repeat shit. If they can’t get these words out, they’ll break out into an unstoppable itch that will eventually lead to an untimely death. So, no matter the circumstances or context, here are 11 surefire Lebanese sayings you’ll always hear in any scenario.

1.Wen hal ghaybe?

Lebanese people to Satan at hell’s dooor.

2. Ade el dollar?

Satan: Ma mnekhod dollar hon bas your souls.

3. Shefet ade sar 7a2a X

Baba el shames 3am tou2a3 w el 2ared 3am tensha2 w fi 7san 3am b teer…

4. Men wein?

To the aliens landing on a spaceship.

5. 3anjad bas men wen?!

Aliens: men el shmel

6. Eh shefto marra la X lamma kenna b Y

A horde of AI soldiers is at the gate. Beirut has five minutes left before it falls, but we must know about when your aunt saw a fake Tom Cruise in Paris.

7. 3emleen diet?

Lebanese people during the Great Famine of 2042.

8. 3ade ma badda hal2ad

When you just saw a ten-eyed spiderzilla walking across the city but your boyfriend has to be a chill contrarian.

9. Shu b awess?

Eh mama, literally 3am b awess.

10. Ayre bel dawle


11. 3a2belak/ik

Thank you, I hope the intergalactic plague gets you too<3