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Tanya Maalouf 17 Dec 2022

28 Very Specific Icks We Get From Lebanese Men

Ah yes, ick-inducing Lebanese men. There are many of them, but here are some very specific icks you may get when interacting with a Lebanese man.

1. When you smell the Paco Rabanne before he enters the room

2. When he uses this :p after what he thinks is good flirting

3. When he uses retired pick-up lines (or any pick-up line)

4. When he’s on a diet and refuses to eat anything other than farrouj

5. When he won’t shut up about making crypto investments

6. When he sends “view once” photos/videos on WhatsApp

7. When he uses wyd, hru, wp, lol, zwz, abcdefghijklmnop

8. When he calls his parents mam w pap

9. When he expects you to laugh at a sexist joke

10. When his highlights are all snippets at Frozen Cherry

11. When he’s obsessed with Messi

12. When he says “akid bethebbe Ronaldo”

13. When he gets emotional over football

14. When he eats a shawamra with both hands

15. When his Twitter feed is only retweets of song lyrics

16. When he chases a piece of bzoorat (or makhloota, whatever) that he dropped

17. When he gives his opinion about feminism

18. When he gives his opinion about body hair

19. When he gives his opinion.

20. When he says “lhamdella mannik metel hole l feminists”

21. When his whole personality is listening to the Weeknd or J. Cole

22. When he comments “kinggggg *fire emoji*” on his friend’s Instagram post

23. When he flexes his muscles so hard for an Instagram story mbayan ha ybej

24. When he wears sunglasses w mafi shames

25. When he only does the peace sign in his pictures

26. When he knows the words to a Wadih El Sheikh song

27. When he puts you on his Close Friends as soon as you follow back

28. When he is Massari