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William Daou 19 Dec 2022

Hilarious Twitter Reactions To The World Cup Final

On Sunday, the 18th of December, Argentina and France battled it out for the grandest prize of them all. Qatar’s Lusail stadium witnessed a footballing epic as six goals and a penalty shoot out were needed to separate the two sides. For the billions watching at home, the game was a dramatic masterpiece that left everyone on the edge of their seats. Here are 12 hilarious Twitter reactions to this amazing match.

1. Messi and Wadih el Sheikh

2. Matte Solidarity

3. High hopes on his shoulders

4. All of us

5. Mbappe’s tragedy

6. Lebanese people and Macron:

7. He thinks he’s on the team

7. Maybe he should’ve been actually because here are Mbappe’s teammates

7. Issam el Chewali appreciation

8. More Issam el Chewali appreciation

9. Messi Soprano

10. Argentine 10s

11. Sheikh Messi and the World Cup

12. And if you have any complaints…