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Bassel Obeid 19 Dec 2022

8 Things You Can Now Pretend To Be Instead Of A Football Fan

The World Cup is finally over. It was a memorable ride, but now it is time for all of us to take off our footballing hats and try on some new trends. Here are 8 things you can now pretend to be instead of a football fan.

1. Santa Enthusiast

How many shots on target has Santa attempted at this Christmas Cup? Are the reindeers offside? Is the Virtual Assistant Grinch about to intervene? You can answer these questions and more in your new career as the number one Santa enthusiast.

2. Lebanese Presidential Candidate

We have to listen to presidential candidates rattle off boring cliches, constitutional articles no one follows, and increasingly worse statistics every week, so if you want to be the most annoying type of fan you can be, become a fan of the Lebanese Republic.

3. Basketball Fan

They say the FIBA World Cup is next year, who doesn’t want to watch riveting end-to-end action that is interrupted by constant fouls and timeouts that make only the last 5 minutes actually matter?

4. K-pop Stan

I love K-pop. We all love K-pop. K-pop is amazing and a gift to us all. (Please let me live).

5. Star Academy Historian

The popular TV show is BACK for its 12th season so it’s time to dust off all those times you stayed up watching the contestants sleep and come out as a true Star Academy obsessive.

6. Car Expert

Cars have 4 wheels, and sometimes 4 doors but also sometimes 2 doors. And they said the offside rule was hard…

7. Winter Activist

Summer lovers are a plague to this earth and it is time they are dealt with. You know what to do.

8. Beirut.com Inflation Analyst

How much has a man’ouche increased in a year? If you are interested in those questions it is time you pursue a BA in Inflation Analytics from Beirut.com