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Elise Daoud 19 Dec 2022

10 Feelings We All Have On A Monday In Lebanon

Mondays in Lebanon hit different, especially when we’re this close to this holiday season. If you’ve had to slug yourself into work today, don’t worry we all relate. Here are 10 feelings we all have on a Monday in Lebanon.

1. Today is Sunday part 2 right?

Who invented calenders? Why? Having 7 days a week is dumb actually, vive la revolution!

2. I curse the sun to a thousand deaths

Nothing good comes out of you, you yellow ball of heated piss.

3. Nshalla el ared btensha2 w btebla3ne

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4. If this coffee doesn’t hit right, I don’t see any reason why I should stay alive

5. Am I sick enough for a sick day?


6. Today must be some sort of public holiday

The 84th memorial of the assassination of Random Dude 12.

7. The WORK…it never stops

Content, content, content, content, content, content, content, content.

8. Humanity is doomed to an endless cycle of death and despair fueled by the massive alienation caused by the relentless pursuit of growth and profit

9. Maybe I just need a good breakfast

Oh there’s 12 Brunch Spots I’ll Surely Love In Beirut, how convenient.

10. No actually, I need to change my life

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