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William Daou 20 Dec 2022

11 People In Lebanon That Are The GOAT (Sorry Messi)

Congratulations to Messi for carrying the Argentinian team to victory this World Cup. We’ve been seeing so many people posting Messi with the goat emoji all over social media and that’s all good and fine, but did you know there are people in Lebanon who are also the GOAT?

1. Your teta

Never getting tired after cooking this many bomb ass meals? Messi has NOTHING on your Lebanese teta.

2. The random bystander that helped you parallel park

Thank you for not just leaving me destroy my car bcs I didn’t see the raseef.

3. M3allem l shawarma that filled your sandwich TO THE BRIM

AND a toum tarboush? *a single tear of joy rolls down cheek*

4. That cute old Beiruti that defends you when they see something wrong happen

“Yi ya 3ayb el shum. Bala zo2. Marre2 el shab/sabiye. Shu hal jeel hayda.”

5. 3ammo l service that didn’t chat you up during the drive AND didn’t take ha2 servicen

5-star rating, will definitely remember you for the rest of my life.

6. Your mom

We all love our fake news-sharing, Augmentin-loving, Facebook food recipe-obsessed Lebanese moms.

7. Your dad

Just try saying you love strawberries (or anything else). You’ll find crates of strawberries at your house THE NEXT DAY.

8. That one driver that stopped because they saw you struggling to cross the busy street

Mahada b wa2eflak/ik. But there is always that one person that notices that you’re on the brink of a mental breakdown and stops for you.

9. That one person yalli ader yrajje3lak dollar after you bought something from their store

A rare breed of people, you’ll be lucky to come across them in the wild.

10. M3allem l falafel yalli b dayfak a falafel ball WITH a drizzle of taratour and kabees

That extra pizzazz makes all the difference.

11. The traffic officer yalli mara2ak ekher sayara before he switched to another lane

You really just wanna flip off all the cars behind you for bursting your eardrums from all the honking—at least you made it out and they didn’t.