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Mia Arawi 27 Dec 2022

This New Spot In Mar Mikhael Is The Taco The Town

You know, there is one thing better than tacos. Have you ever had them rolled up and fried to perfection?

This Mexican treat is called a taquito, and they’re just like tacos but better! And lucky for us, a spot dedicated to making the crispiest and most addictive taquitos just opened in Mar Mikhael.

Taquitos is bringing you a taste of Mexico with a single iconic dish. Whether you choose beef, chicken, cheese, or veggie, all their taquitos are topped with their homemade avo crème, jalapeño ranch, nacho chips, and shredded mix cheese.

There is no right way to eat taquitos, but we recommend eating it with some extra dip on the side. Choose from their delicious options that pair perfectly with their crispy dish: salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheddar (or maybe have all four).

And when you’re done, you can stick around for dessert. Have a Nutella or vanilla taquito!

So, who is ready to put these Mexican treats to the ultimate crunch test? Check out their Instagram for more information.