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Sarah Tarhini 28 Dec 2022

Sakina Is Keeping Us Warm And Festive This Holiday Season

Have you ever experienced a weekend escape at Sakina in Fatqa? We’ve got some news for our holiday loving readers who want to merge their next escape with a little festivity.

This tranquil getaway, with its charming maisonettes and mountain views, is making sure you enjoy an unforgettable holiday celebration with your loved ones.

For this holiday season, you can spend some cozy quality time over delectable French cuisine and live musical performances at their newest restaurant, LOU. Vibe to some classic 80s hits as you feast on their delectable beef tenderloin or traditional charcuterie platters, paired with one of their imported wines.

The new restaurant draws inspiration from traditional French cuisine, bringing unique flavors that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else because of their expertly curated set menus. The seating matches Sakina’s charm, as the restaurant also mimics the architecture of their gorgeous maisonettes.

Those who are used to spending the holiday season in the bustling city of Beirut will love this change of scenery, especially if you’re seeking a more intimate celebration with your loved ones.

For more information, call 70 522 225 or visit their Instagram.