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Mia Arawi 29 Dec 2022

It’s Sahlab Time! This Coffee Shop Just Added A New Sahlab Station

A late Christmas present from Coffee Shot to all sahlab lovers!

Located in Jdeideh, this coffee shop just opened their very own Sahlab Station to keep us warm throughout the winter season.

While hot chocolate, tea, and coffee are the more conventional options to fight off the cold weather, everyone knows that nothing comes close to steaming hot sahlab on a chilly morning. We’re sure this Sahlab Station will be solving 99% of all our problems.

Say goodbye to mundane coffee runs and warm yourself up with some sahlab from Coffee Shot instead. Or as they put it: sa7lib la 3enna.

Trust that we will be sa7leb-ing all the way to Coffee Shot until winter is over. Who’s coming with us?