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Bassel Obeid 03 Jan 2023

Have You Tried These 6 Unique Burgers In Lebanon?

We love when burger joints let their imagination run wild and create some of the most unique burgers for us to devour. You have been warned: no basic burgers will be found in this list, add them to your 2023 burger bucket list!

1. The UFO from Cosmic Burger

Making burgers that are out of this world (literally) is kinda their thing, and this new UFO burger has us questioning the laws of physics. Since the bun completely encloses the burger, the first bite is going to be one satisfying surprise.

2. Kaek Chilly Burger from Kaak Station

Kaak lovers, we’re sure you’ve tried their kaaket pepperoni pizza, but now we’re ready for their chilly burger. For those who love a small bun-to-patty ratio, this might just be their dream burger. You’ll get to enjoy every bite of their juicy patty and every drizzle of their melted cheese.

3. Toasty Burger from Hunger Bunker

Don’t let the macaroni-covered toast fool you. This creation is filled with 200g of brisket meat, cheddar macaroni, tomato sauce, and parmesan cheese. Almost like a macaroni dish decided it wanted to be a burger…but with toast instead of buns?

4. Burger 7 from Spicy No. 7

This Lebanese-Indian fusion spot has some interesting specialties, including the Burger 7. The unique burger is made with Paratha bread (which is an Indian flatbread) instead of the traditional bun and their seven signature spices.

5. Famous Gilbert’s Burger from Gilbert’s Burger Bites

This burger is the definition of indulgence. Gilbert’s Burger Bites is serving a burger with a deep-fried bun, rumored to be the crunchiest and juiciest burger to ever exist.

6. The Pizza Burger from Street House

The junk food mash-up that never fails to impress us. For the most indecisive of foodies, the pizza burger from Street House is exploding with an excellent combination of flavors.