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William Daou 04 Jan 2023

Chicken And Waffles With A Twist: The Yummiest Addition At Tender Bar

For those who have never tried Southern-style chicken and waffles, you’re missing out on a world of flavor. There’s something about combining the crunch of crispy fried chicken with fluffy AF waffles that makes every foodie weak—but now you can have that experience at Tender Bar.

Their newest addition is called Waffle Chick, and we guess you can call it somewhat of a burger (anything stuck between two make-shift buns is a burger nowadays).

A perfectly fried chicken breast is topped with a fried cheddar patty and iceberg lettuce, sandwiched between their homemade waffles and doused in sweet chili sauce. Served with golden wedges, this sweet and savory mix is going to be our next food adventure.

And if that Waffle Chick doesn’t win you over, we’re sure one of their delicious fried chicken dishes will. Oh-so tasty boneless chicken sandwiches, tenders, wings, and burgers are their specialty.

Keep up with all the chicken goodness by checking out their Instagram. You can find Tender Bar in Ghazir, Cornet Chahwan, and Raifoun Square.