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Labib Mansour 07 Jan 2023

Too Hot To Handle, But Make It Lebanese

Every new season of Too Hot To Handle ends up on trending on Netflix, so what if we reimagined the show and set it in Lebanon?

We thought we’d recreate the cast of Too Hot To Handle 3al lebnene. Here’s what we came up with.


– Real name is Mohammad (obviously)
– Just wants a good time
– Go-to pick up line: “Ya helo fi mennik 3a jello?”
– From Trablos bas b adde wa2to bel Achrafieh
– LAU marketing graduate


– Rejects every guy on the show
– Most hated because she knows her worth
– Betsawer every sunset for her Instagram
– Dresses like Maddy from Euphoria


– Certified gym rat
– B dal yehke 3an how important protein is for muscle gain
– Deres physical education b Antonine University
– Maghroom b Elissa bas mesh leksheto
– Muscles = constantly flexed


– The controversial kharoof on the show
– Bas betheb shabeb el hezeb
– Always wears orange
– Future tante Achrafieh
– Favorite place to eat: Meat the Fish


– The one that studied engineering b Germany
– Says “you’re beautiful” to girls in the most broken German accent to exist
– “Nehna 3enna fi public transport mesh metel hon”
– Baddo wehde lebneniye to settle down with after being abroad for so long
– Hatet 3ayno 3a Christina bas he knows it will be a forbidden love (mesh men jame3to)


– Fashion student in Paris
– Btehke French aktar men 3arabe
– Thinks she’s Phoenician
– Betdal te3la2 ma3 Moe la2anno b ella tehke 3arabe

At the end none of them win cos aslan kel l masare 3al2en bel bank.