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Mia Arawi 09 Jan 2023

8 Cafes Around Lebanon We Guarantee You’ve Never Visited

Coffeeholics and early birds, it’s time to change up your morning routine with a visit to one of these wonderful cafes in Lebanon.

1. Caffeina, Fanar

A pink dream in the heart of Fanar, where your cappuccino tastes best when paired with their fruit tart and a slide of lazy cake. Not only will your caffeine cravings be satisfied but this pink stop will add a splash of color to a dull morning.

If you think their premium coffee isn’t enough to pay a visit, then their velvet couches and rose petal-shaped seats will definitely lure you in.

2. Junyā, Jounieh

This café bar located in the heart of Jounieh enjoys welcoming décor and green hues that will ease any rough morning. You can opt for a simple brunch or an eggcellent morning of fresh juice, eggs, your choice of bacon or turkey or ham, and the most important part: coffee!

For those who have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy their peanut butter bagel alongside one of their flavored teas.

3. Edda Arabica, Hamra

For specialty coffee, look no further than Edda Arabica. For those who have never visited this energetic and lively spot in Hamra, you’ll experience quite the adrenaline boost to prepare you for the day ahead, even before you have your dose of caffeine.

This spot boasts freshly roasted coffee provided by guest roasters from all over the word and one-of-a-kind tea blends that we guarantee you’ve never tasted.

4. Standard Café & Bar, Gemmayze

An excellent coffee house by day and alluring bar by night, Standard Café & Bar offers an above-standard experience that exceeds expectations. While a taste of their negroni sounds inviting, those who enjoy a no-frills coffee experience will appreciate their straightforward coffee selection.

And maybe later in the day, you can stop by for that negroni…and a beef shawarma taco.

5. Vee, Anfeh

You’ll never have a dull morning at Vee’s. Their delicious variety of bagels and buttery croissants will keep you satiated, and their famous mochaccino is quickly going to become one of your favorite caffeinated drinks.

If you ever find yourself in Anfeh, a visit to Vee’s will be the perfect way to kickstart an eventful day out on the town.

6. Box Café, Zaarour & Antelias

Those who can’t enjoy their coffee without a delicious bite will love Box Café. Red velvet cakes and other fresh bakes await! And if you’re not in a sugary mood, opt for one of their savory sandwiches.

This quaint spot is perfect for an early morning get-together with your friends before you head off to work, or you can even camp out with your laptop to complete a few tasks.

7. Ô café, Kouraytem

A quirky Beirut stop that serves your coffee in a reusable bag (or just a normal coffee cup, but it looks pretty cool). A visit to Ô café will be an uplifting start to your morning, especially with their bubbly yet minimalistic décor.

Make sure to have your dose of vitamin “O” from this white and blue bliss, with some fresh bakes to go with your coffee.

8. Railway Coffee Station, Jbeil

Who said Lebanon didn’t have a functioning train station? Railway is a train station-themed coffee shop in the heart of Jbeil that is ready to serve you a hot caffeine fix on a cold winter day.

Fuel up for your work/study session with a taste of their sweet cinnamon rolls and egg cakes.

Which of these cafes is next on your bucket list?

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