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Elise Daoud 10 Jan 2023

12 Spots To Meet Singles In Beirut

Guys, don’t panic but Valentine’s Day is next month. You have a little over a month to score a boo, and we’ve got 12 spots in Beirut where you can do just that.

1. Kalei Coffee Co., Ras Beirut & Mar Mikhael

Take your dog with you and meet ALL the people. Alternatively go up to people with dogs and ask what their favorite treats are.

2. Pacifico, Achrafieh

Walk up to a random guy and tell him he looks like Oscar Isaac (I’ve done this 15 times, it works).

3. Lost, Gemmayze

Crowded indoor areas, vibey 80s dance music, and drinks? Recipe for meeting new people.

4. Dead End Paradise, Gemmayze

If you’re not latching on to someone’s dog (please don’t do that), then find yourself a dance partner. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT approach the pole.

5. Standard Café & Bar, Gemmayze

Make someone’s night and order them some beef shawarma tacos.

6. El Paseo Tapas Bar, Badaro

Not too crowded, but crowded enough for you to drop hints at someone you held eye contact with for 2 seconds.

7. Celtic Irish Pub, Monot

Extra points if you show up in your favorite team’s jersey. Know your allies.

8. 16MM, Gemmayze

Best way to score a fellow movie lover by their choice of drinks. Their Beet It is also a great conversation starter.

9. Miss Pepper 3, Achrafieh

“I’ll have what they’re having” – smooth, original, and foolproof.

10. Happy Willow, Badaro

The fun people gather here during happy hour. Including you.

11. TheRetroPub, Mar Mikhael

On their themed music nights, you’ll meet your people. Especially if you think 60s, 70s, and 80s music is superior.

12. Cyrano, Gemmayze

Sit at the bar and recommend their House Paloma to an indecisive customer and watch the sparks fly.

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