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Tanya Maalouf 11 Jan 2023

15 Ways To Win Over Any Foodie In Lebanon

Foodies are often the easiest people to impress because if you just suggest a spontaneous trip to Barbar at 2am they’ll be planning your wedding. But there are many ways you can win any and every foodie over, and we created a guide to make things easier for you.

Here are 15 ways you can win over that one foodie in your life.

1. Let them have the last of the Island Satay Chicken Bombs from Dead End Paradise

Sharing your food is one thing. Letting them have the last piece of your favorite dish speaks VOLUMES. Expect a second date very soon.

2. Go on a “no napkin” date at Juicy Grill in Jounieh

There’s only one rule: you can’t use napkins until you’re done enjoying your burger. Because if you can’t be your sauce-covered self in front of your date, are you really meant for each other?

3. Compare your love to Abou Sobhi’s shawarma lahme and djej mix

Two different sandwiches. Great on their own…but better together. This is what Gen Z would call “W rizz”.

4. Recommend dipping the wedges from Raseef in their beetroot hummus

Now every time they visit Raseef, have hummus, see beetroot, or eat wedges…they’ll remember you. You’re welcome.

5. Send them Beirut.com Craves about new spots open in Beirut for you to try together

We’ll keep you updated on the hottest new spots in town!

6. Share a Shiitake pizza from Gia La Cucina d’Amore in Achrafieh

If you’re looking for a slightly fancier outing with excellent food, this spot will deliver. Their recipes stay true to Italy.

7. Try the coleslaw and wing combo at The Bros

A good pregame before you dive into your burgers.

8. Make each other’s froyo at Hilwa Ya Donia

Show them that you know what they like, but this may end badly if you don’t know what they like.

P.S. Make sure you ask them if they’re allergic to anything before you start…

9. Spend the morning at Koko’s bakery and enjoy the fluffiest brioche in Lebanon

Eating the famous brioche can become your own tradition. This delicious treat is a must for every chocolate lover.

10. If they can’t choose between pizza or fries, then suggest this fries pizza from Pizza Montana

Combining your cravings is the best date idea yet.

11. Share your controversial food opinions while listening to our podcast with Marc Nissan (aka @marcopizzalover on Instagram)

Does pineapple belong on pizza? We think it does.

12. Tell them how much you want to share a SmooshKie with them from Smushkies

Fun fact: the word SmooshKie comes from smushing two cookies together with ice cream. Make sure you tell them that because knowing your food facts is sexy.

13. Make plans for your next food outing before the date ends

How about trying the delicious caramel brownies from Bakerloo?

14. Create your own 2023 foodie bucket list from Beirut.com crave posts

You’ll find fried chicken spots, new burger joints, and wacky food creations that you need to try. We’ll start off your bucket list with the kaak chilly burger from Kaak Station.

Here are 5 more unique burgers you can check out!

15. And if one spot wasn’t as good as you’d hoped, save the date with one of these 10 shawarmas that are better than sex

Trying new things can be risky, but there are some classic options that you know you can rely on for a yummy bite.