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Sarah Tarhini 15 Jan 2023

Have An Egg’ouche And More At This Amazing Lebanese Breakfast Spot

Are you an indecisive eater? Can’t pick whether you want to chow down on a carb-y and delicious man’ouche or some protein-loaded eggs for breakfast? Who says you have to pick? A local favorite in villages across Lebanon, the egg man’ouche has long been enjoyed as a savory and deeply satisfying breakfast. Whether topped with awarma or enjoyed plain, this delicious combo is now being served at Hamra’s delightful pastry shop Al Mouajjanati.

In addition to serving an assortment of delicious bite-sized pastries, Al Mouajjanati makes an exemplary egg omelette manouche. A pillowy crust holds the fluffy egg mixture, making for a heavenly breakfast or brunch.

For those craving a little more, you can top your egg manouche with cheese or awarma.

For more information, call 01 750 766 or 76 363 716.