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William Daou 16 Jan 2023

13 Reasons Why You Can’t Be Stubborn In Beirut

We all have a stubborn Lebanese gene embedded into our brain as we grow up in this country, but sometimes you simply can’t afford to live like this. Here are 13 reasons why you can’t be stubborn in Beirut.

1. You will not find that parking spot

If you want to drive around in circles for a few hours though, be my guest.

2. I am not paying over 300,000 LL tonight!

3. Shu bado ya3mel? Y2awesne?

Yes. He has a gun. He will use it.

4. The food poisoning will not be better this time

[redacted]’s shawarma is good, healthy, and will not lead to any future complications, let’s just go already bala fazlake!

5. I am not accepting any salary below $2,000

6. I’ll only have one drink tonight

It’s a weekday 3ade chill. 8 drinks later…

7. Khod Jacket ma3ak

No. Yes. No. Yes. Just give up.

8. Bkoun zabat wad3o hayda el khodarje

He in fact, did not.

9. Your parents will not get the joke

10. Traffic won’t be that bad today

11. I am definitely committing to that pilates class

At 3 PM on a Tuesday, 100% in.

12. I am definitely not texting my ex tonight

13. I am definitely gonna make cool and original plans for every week of the year

I just read this Beirut.com guide and I’m super excited! We have to have to do this every week, if we don’t I’ll never forgive us.