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William Daou 17 Jan 2023

9 Controversial Opinions That Could Get You Cancelled In Lebanon

We are by no means siding with any of these controversial opinions, but we’d love to know what you think. Here are some of the most controversial opinions that could get you cancelled in Lebanon.

P.S. this is a JOKE and solely for entertainment purposes. Please khedo nafas.

1. Shawarma lahme >>>> djej

We love both equally please don’t cancel us <3

2. Your dad/mom’s side of the family is better

Both sides are actually equally bad.

3. You cannot, in fact, ski and swim on the same day

It’s currently January 17, 2023. 1:25 pm. 18 degrees Celsius. There is barely a splatter of snow in Faraya. It is too cold to swim. Case closed.

4. Mtabbal batenjen >>>> hummus

PSA: Beirut.com is a strictly pro-hummus website. As a mtabbal batenjen lover, I am being oppressed.

5. Frenchies are actually hot

That gh, we know we make fun of sometimes, but yeah…

6. Bemye is actually good

If you’re an unfortunate soul who expressed their love for bemye on Lebanese Twitter, you’ll understand the pain.

7. Lebanese TV shows are funny

When we said this was a no judgment zone, we were lying. If I get elected as president, I will declare TV shows illegal in Lebanon.

8. Leila Abdel Latif >>> Michel Hayek

Still waiting on ahla sayfiye b lebnen queen.

9. Lebanese people succeed more abroad

Idk give me a visa so I can test it out