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Bassel Obeid 18 Jan 2023

15 Things In Beirut That Will Remind You How Single You Really Are

Step aside Paris because Beirut is the real city of love. There are so many things you’ll see around the bustling city that will remind you just how single you really are.

Thanks, Beirut.

1. The way your teta and jeddo treat each other

Get you someone that treats you like your Lebanese grandparents treat each other. Or better yet? The way your teta treats her Tupperware collection.

2. Jouras on the highway

If only someone would fall for me like my car falls into that one joura 3a tari2 l matar.

3. The random street cats hooking up under your car

They’re spending all their nine lives together and you’re going to be alone for the rest of your life.

4. The two cars yalli 3abbo ba3d, booz 3al booz because we have no functioning traffic lights

Getting more action than you ever will.

5. You run into your exes OFTEN when you’re out drinking

Beirut is actually quite small, and the number of places to go drinking is even smaller. You have three options: Mar Mikhael, Badaro, or Hamra. So a 1/3 chance of bumping into your ex.

6. Your salary

With no one to spend it on. But you’ll think it’s a blessing after you see how much a date costs in Lebanon.

7. The cute old Beiruti couple going on a walk 3al Corniche

Holding hands, laughing, or even cussing each other out – it doesn’t matter what they’re doing. #Goals.

8. University campuses

Libraries and student lounges are filled with cringey couples who can’t keep their hands off each other.

9. 3ammo l service

Yalli b koon facetiming marto w wledo while maneuvering through the tiniest streets in Mar Elias. That’s true love right there.

10. Lebanese politicians having lunch

Especially when they’re alleged “enemies”. Ye3ne hole tsalaho w you still didn’t text me back.

11. 24/7 sandwich shops

If you ever pass by Barbar at 2am, you’ll see at least one couple sharing the most delicious shawarma sandwich ever in their car.

12. The love cake from Kalei Coffee Co.

You order it just to feel something.

13. US dollars

Yaret hada b hebne metel ma l lebneniye b hebbo 3emlet l dollar.

14. Those people who tag someone under Beirut.com guides for date ideas on Instagram

Ah ya3ne it’s that easy?

15. Nabih Berri

If only I have a relationship as strong as that glue that’s been holding Berri wel ma23ad together for 30+ years.