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Melissa Sleiman 19 Jan 2023

11 Lebanese Bands To Keep On Your Radar

Are you looking for a Lebanese band that captures your taste in music? We found some insanely talented groups that would love for you to join them on their musical journey.

Check out the Lebanese bands that will make it to your 2023 list of favorites.

1. Tokyo The Band

Bringing an addictive blend of commercial and soft rock covers, the talented trio’s love for music is obvious with their perfectly curated performance playlists.

2. Myles Away

Want a little classic taste? Myles Away will have you rocking out to their classic rock and roll bangers and impressive vocals.

3. B!NKY

When three pals join forces to start a band, their music will reflect their friendship and love for upbeat music. Have you listened to Body Talkin’ yet?

4. S T O R I E S

A band that bridges traditions and brings untold stories to light. Their music meshes Oriental and European tunes that hit very close to home.

5. Ashkara

Ashkara’s tunes will add a touch of Oriental flare to your music, with its electric psychedelic melodies that blend brilliantly with the Buzuq (which is an instrument in the oud family for those who don’t know).

6. I-wah

Apart from playing their favorite music, their fusion 70s jazz and modern tunes will make you want to book front row seats to their gig.

7. Taxi 404

Those who enjoy smooth and electrifying tunes, this Lebanese French indie band might just be the best addition to your playlist.

8. Infectious Tonez

Yet another talented fusion band that combines ethnic and Western music with an electronic touch. You’ll be completely entranced by their performances.

9. Bonne Chose

Looking for a little jazz fusion? Bonne Chose is redefining jazz in their own way, with some funky flair that will get you in the mood to dance.

10. Turbulence

For the metal community in Lebanon, Turbulence is one of many talented bands that specialize in head-banging progressive metal music.

11. Iyam El Lira

Iyam El Lira is an Oriental band that is all about reviving our favorite throwbacks, and their tunes will take you back to the golden era of music.