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Elise Daoud 24 Jan 2023

Kalila: The New Spot Redefining Lebanese Cuisine In Beirut

Foodies, there’s a new Beirut spot that is encouraging you to experiment with your palate, specializing in Lebanese-inspired dishes that are creative and delicious in every sense.

Kalila is the latest addition to the food scene in Downtown Beirut. An elegant and stylish restaurant with a soft color scheme that will set you up for an exceptional and serene dining experience.

If you want to impress your friends with a chic outing, Kalila might just be the place for you with its perfected ambiance and exquisite dishes to match.

What makes the menu at this restaurant special is its tribute to Lebanese flavors with a creative twist. It is unlikely that you’ll find dishes that come close to what is served at Kalila, bringing to life wonderful culinary creations while saluting our culture.

The way the food is presented makes it almost too pretty to eat. Here is a glimpse at some of the most interesting dishes from their menu: their soujouk kalila and cheese batenjan.

And just look at their stuffed vine leaves.

Those with a love for authentic Lebanese dishes will have a splendid time at Kalila, as it doesn’t stray too far away from tradition but still offers a unique dining experience.

For more information, check out their Instagram.

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