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Bassel Obeid 23 Jan 2023

January Has Been Long, Here’s A Taco Pizza From This Spot In Saida

We checked the calendar today and realized it’s still January 23rd. Since this month refuses to end, we thought it would be a good idea to treat you to a taco pizza from Señor Pizza in Saida.

Not sure if you’re feeling like feasting on some Mexican or Italian? You can now have both!

This spot is known for its adventurous pizza creations, from their spicy shrimp pizza to the philly steak. However, we have our eyes set on this Mexican treat, the taco pizza.

The appetizing dish is made with salsa, mozzarella, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheddar, nachos, lettuce, and tomatoes, all loaded on fluffy pizza dough.

If you’re not someone who enjoys an adventurous palate, opt for their classic margherita or vegetarian pizzas. Those who want to go full on Italian can also enjoy some creamy pasta dishes, like the four-cheese pasta or the spicy penne arrabiata.

The pizzeria is located on Chamaa Highway, B-Village center in Saida. For more information, call 81 030 371 or 07 753 253. They’re open every day from 12 PM until 11:30 PM.