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Mia Arawi 31 Jan 2023

Delicious Croissant Rolls From This Beirut Spot

Croissant lovers, you’re going to love this tasty treat from the beloved patisserie Cannelle.

Picture this: it’s 8 in the morning. You’re craving something sweet, soft on the inside, and crispy on the outside to pair with your coffee. You walk into Cannelle (which always smells like freshly baked heaven) and see this rolled up dream in the display.

These mouthwatering treats are often coated with delicious toppings, from hazelnut chocolate spread to sweet vanilla cream to crunchy pistachio garnish.

While Cannelle offers a variety of appetizing pastries, their croissant rolls might just be the best new creation on the menu. For those who can’t shake off their love for croissants but are in the mood to try something a little different, opt for their buttery croissant rolls!

And did you know that their croissant rolls come with creamy fillings? Enjoy a crispy crunch of the outer layers, paired with the taste of the delicious spread, then savor the soft and creamy filling on the inside.

We think this roll pairs brilliantly with a hot cup of coffee (and a black coffee in particular), so you can enjoy the contrast between the bitter and sweet flavors.

Cannelle is open in Verdun, Achrafieh, and Faraya.