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Sarah Tarhini 24 Jan 2023

We Found The Perfect Spot For Your Next Date Night In Beirut

Beirut is chockfull of spots where you can enjoy outings with friends, have new experiences, and meet new people, but we think that there are also plenty of opportunities for romance-filled evenings.

If you’re looking for a new spot to spend the next date night with your boo, we found a marvelous spot in the heart of Achrafieh called The Brick House.

A place that appreciates art in every form, from the culinary arts to mixology and craftsmanship, The Brick House brings together these different elements for a unique experience by hosting contemporary art exhibitions and delicious brunch buffets, as well as beautifully presented dishes for an elevated wine and dine.

Adding a sprinkle of coziness to its sophisticated décor, you and your partner will be charmed by their cozy indoor seating (if not by their impeccable dishes).

Take a look at a few of their mouthwatering creations, like their salmon tartare.

Or the burrata salad.

You can also have at their fine selection of wines and cocktails, as their master mixologists are working to refresh your senses with their signature creations.

For more information, check out their Instagram. Click here for their exact location.