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Elise Daoud 26 Jan 2023

11 Hangout Spots For When You’re Sick Of Being On Campus

Barely two weeks into the semester and we’re already sick of being back on campus. Same classrooms, same cafeteria, and same cat-invaded gardens where we can’t even sit down and have a meal in peace.

If you’re looking for a spot to hangout, study, or take a breather outside campus grounds, here are a few awesome spots around Beirut.

1. Moon’s Coffee Shop & Bakery, Gemmayze

You’ll be left dazed and amazed by the delicious coffee, fresh bakes, and furry friends at this coffee shop in Gemmayze. An artsy spot for our art lovers, especially if you’re up for joining an embroidery workshop.

The adorable café is perfect for every mood, whether you’re in the mood to enjoy a chill visit, meet new people, work on assignments, or get creative.

2. Standard Café and Bar, Gemmayze

You just finished a difficult class and want to loosen up with a few drinks. You can head over to Standard Café and Bar to sip on New York sours and munch on shawarma tacos to end your day the right way.

You and your friends will absolutely love this lively spot, where you’ll get to forget your workload, socialize with new faces, and wrap up the night with a delicious pain perdu before you head home.

3. Living Room, Mar Mikhael

A lively community space that is ideal for tired university students. If you’re flooded with assignments, you can take a seat at their comfortable couches and work away. If you’re looking for a mood booster, then stop by for a board game night.

Photo: lebanon_explorer on Instagram

Of course, a visit to Living Room isn’t complete without a pink peppercorn avocado toast and a chai latte. But don’t get too distracted from finishing up those assignments!

4. Saj Stories, Gemmayze

If you’re in a sour mood, the wonderful people at Saj Stories will turn your frown upside down. This homey spot is the perfect distraction as you adjust to being back on campus after a long break. You can make new friends outside of your university circle.

We’re sure you’ll love the taste of their Hum Yum and C’est La Feta specialty saj! Made with lots of love and many stories to tell.

5. Zmrd Social Space, Furn El Chebbek

Another community space for our social butterflies. They serve delectable daily dishes and host wonderful oud nights (and add some alcohol into the mix to keep things interesting).

After a long day of back-to-back classes, a visit to this chill spot will ease your nerves, especially after a drink (or three).

6. SALLY’S, Achrafieh

If the university library is PACKED and you want to get some work done, then head to Sally’s in Achrafieh. With a study area, good coffee, and yummy bites, you have everything you need to survive a full day of studying.

And this spot also enjoys happy hour deals from 1 PM to 5 PM every week, where you can get everything 25% off.

7. Shababik Garden, Sodeco

Want to play a friendly game of backgammon, have some arguile, and feast on Lebanese food? Change up your routine with a visit to Shababik Garden in Sodeco.

Photo: worldwide.cafe on Instagram

With occasional live bands and oud nights, you’ll never experience a dull moment at this spot. Grab your friends and make a reservation ASAP.

8. Classic Riders Café, Badaro

This Badaro spot makes some of the most appetizing sandwiches you’ll ever bite into. If you and your friends ever find yourselves hungry and in need of a fun hangout spot, then look no further than Classic Riders Café.

Make sure to keep an eye out for interesting pop-up events!

9. Snoubar Bakery, Beirut Souks

We don’t recommend setting foot anywhere near campus on an empty stomach, so a visit to Snoubar Bakery for a quick food fix will make a dreadful day full of classes more bearable.

Devour their specialty Zaatar Snoubar flatbread, made with zaatar, sumac, oregano, salt, sesame, olive oil, and tomato. It pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

10. Kalei Coffee Co., Ras Beirut & Mar Mikhael

Their garden is the perfect change of scenery for when you want a more cheerful looking spot to camp out with your laptop. We recommend trying their yummy ginger tea to go with one of their fresh bakes.

Photo: lebanon_explorer on Instagram

This charming spot will quickly become one of your favorites if you’re looking to spend some alone time or simply a chill outing with a friend.

11. Aaliya’s Bookshop, Gemmayze

Let’s face it, the university library is the worst place to catch up on your favorite book. You won’t be able to resist shopping for a secondhand book from Aaliya’s though!

Whether you’re stopping by for a new read, trying to make new friends, or sticking around after hours for a jazzy night, Aaliya’s is the place for you.