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Mia Arawi 27 Jan 2023

12 Ways To Say “I Love You” In Lebanon Without Actually Saying It

Showing someone you love them in Lebanon is not limited to saying “I love you”. There are so many ways to do it without those three little words, and we’re here to give you a crash course on Lebanese Love Language 101.

1. Plan a full day of uncovering a city you’ve never been to (despite always talking about visiting)

Need some help? Here are 9 Wonderful Things To Do This Winter In Qamouaa.

Photo: Ali Hamada on Instagram.

2. Go people-watching at Corniche Al Manara

When you see an old couple having a walk together, tell them “nehna ha nkoon hek in 50 years”.

3. Remember their go-to Barbar order for them

Sandwich batata ma3 zyede salata? Taouk bala kabees? Shawarma djej zyede toum?

Photo: dishaday.lb on Instagram

4. Text them that you’re hungry at 11 PM and head to one of the late night and 24/7 eateries in Beirut together

Who’s up for a delectable burger from Smoking Bun in Mar Mikhael?

Photo: smokingbun on Instagram

5. Send them the Lebanese mom “waynak/waynik” text when they’re going out

6. Share your favorite dishes at Food District

With 6 different cuisines at this famous Hamra spot, there’s always enough to share.

7. Or invite them for lunch at your teta’s.

Alternative: Enjoy a homemade lunch at Le Chef (if your teta ma ela khele2 hada)

Photo: chefsinternational on Instagram

8. Buy them a gift from one of these adorable small businesses in Lebanon

How about a reusable tote from Tote Beirut?

Photo: tote.beirut on Instagram

9. Share your Netflix account with them

So you can watch the new season of your favorite show together.

10. Try new things together

A game of laser tag, open mic nights, and more! Click here for some inspiration.

Photo: battlefield_lb on Instagram

11. Come up with an original date idea

If you’re not that good at coming up with creative date ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 Original Date Ideas To Go On In Beirut.

Photo: xtrem_paintball on Instagram

12. Use “hayawen” or “kalb” as a pet name instead of “Habibi”

Then take them to your favorite pet-friendly café in Beirut. Nothing says “I love you” like classic manyake.

Photo: moonsbeirut on Instagram