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Bassel Obeid 27 Jan 2023

8 Ways To Remain Relatively Sane While Lebanon Is On Fire

The world has taken quite a dark turn these past few weeks (months, years, decades). Stuck in a decaying world, where the apocalyptic headlines never stop, it can be quite easy to fall into rightful helplessness and despair. We do not have a cure, and we think that’s a pretty valid state to be in. But what we do have is a listo!

1. Wake up! This is all a dream

Wake up! It’s not a dream.

2. Okay, it’s not a dream but what if it was?

It’s still not.

3. Grow wings

Why is the Lebanese Lira the only thing that’s soaring? (Not a Red Bull ad)

4. Develop niche hyperfixations

Anyone interested in a degree in Beirut.com studies?

5. Build a cardboard cutout of your favorite politician and throw darts at it

Your choice of warlord.

6. Become a cat

Live your best cat life, nap a lot, drink some milk, chew down some dry food, develop a flea infection, etc.

7. Learn martial arts

For no specific reason of course, nothing you can use it for.

8. Treat your friends kindly

Shreds of community is all we have left, and if it’s any consolation, the rest of the world is also relatively on fire.