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Melissa Sleiman 03 Feb 2023

This Talented Cartoonist Brought The Funniest Lebanese Sayings To Life

The talented artist and illustrator known as The Cartoonist on Instagram has just brought some hilarious Lebanese sayings and proverbs to life, and we’re obsessed.

The Cartoonist drew up a batch of the wittiest and most interesting Lebanese proverbs to elicit a few laughs (and make it easier for us to remember what they mean).

Here are a few we fished from their Instagram page:

1. Rou7 ballet el ba7er

Translation: Go tile the ocean.

Meaning: “The likeliness of you tiling the ocean is higher than the chances of you changing my mind/getting what you want.”

2. Tizen bfard lbes

Translation: Two butts in the same clothing.

Meaning: “They’re inseparable.”

3. De2 el may…may!

Translation: Tap the water, it stays water.

Meaning: referring to something that is futile or will never change.

4. Nafad bi risho

Translation: escaped by a feather (?)

Meaning: “He made it out at the last minute.”

5. Ya jabal ma yhezzak ri7

Translation: Mountain, do not be affected by strong winds.

Meaning: referring to something that is so strong that nothing can phase it.

6. Kebrane el khasse bi rasso

Translation: The lettuce grew in his head

Meaning: “He’s full of himself”

7. Tobb bel jarra 3a temma, btetla3 el bent la emma

Translation: Flip the jar on her mouth, the girl comes out like her mother

Meaning: refers to the hope that girls will grow up to be like their mothers.

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