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William Daou 06 Feb 2023

The Best Lebanese Stamps Ever Made

Stamps are a wonderful vestige of art and history. Lebanon, despite its flaws, has not been caught lacking in this department. We looked through over 100+ Lebanese stamps to share 11 of the best to have ever been produced.

1. The Lion, the bird, the dog, and the rose?

I don’t know what’s happening here, but it is definitely cooking.

2. Butterflies

Look at them<3

3. Lenin

Look at him<3

4. Mois Des Emigres

Despite not being the greatest quality, there’s something very cool about this one.

5. Lebanese Rocket Society


6. Cute little house

There’s something very warm about this one.

7. Tyr

Very yellow, very cool.

8. Best Cedar Stamp

Made in 1937, they should’ve stopped doing any cedar stamps after this because nothing will get close.

9. Fayrouz

Aesthetically one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, but it’s Fayrouz.

10. Anciens Costumes Libanais

Very warm, very cozy, great red rose.

11. Carlos Ghosn