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Mia Arawi 05 Feb 2023

15 Things That Defined Your 2000s Childhood In Lebanon

Growing up in Lebanon during the early 2000s meant a whole lot of these things.

1. Lavish birthdays at Rainbow Island

The birthday party competitions peaked in the early 2000s.

2. You used to watch Douma Kratieh on LBC

You didn’t understand any of the political jokes, but the puppets were hilarious.

3. Your idea of a perfect outing was going to Roadster Diner

And having 12 refills of iced tea, of course.

4. You unfortunately had a Facebook account where you would post cringe content.

“CaN wE pRetEND tHaT AirPlanes In ThE NIghT Sky ArE LiKe sHOOTing StARz”.

5. At one point you read ‘Twilight’ and truly thought things could not possibly get hotter.

Were you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

6. Shrek was a cinematic masterpiece that you rewatched 15 times a day.

And you still enjoy it just as much, even as an adult.

7. Bebe Lily CDs were your most prized possessions.

8. The hold that Hannah Montana had on you…

9. Risking our lives on rusty old swing sets at Lebanese restaurants

Your parents told you about the *amazing* playground at the restaurant to convince you to go with them, and maybe it was amazing 3a ayemon but by the time you were playground-ready…those swing sets had seen better days.

10. The Tumblr phase

Looking back at it now, we’re glad it was just a phase…

11. You are the last generation to remember what Downtown Beirut was like

Riding bikes, making your parents buy you weird dolphin-shaped helium balloons, eating ice cream, and taking kinda cringey pictures with your siblings with the clock in the background…

12. Silly bands were a way of life, and a currency.

Gotta get them all!

13. The Bee Movie Playstation game was the greatest shit ever made

Who else remembers that flying under the rain level?

14. Watching intense bulbul matches in the school playground

It was a fight to the death. There can only be one winner.

15. Getting your first robotic dog was life changing

You thought it was the height of tech.