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Tanya Maalouf 03 Feb 2023

5 Family-Friendly Escapes Around Lebanon

Looking for family-friendly escapes that will keep both you and the little ones entertained? Here are some spots around Lebanon that are just perfect for the family.

1. Farmville, Barouk

This amazing spot in the heart of Barouk is for memory-making, with their delicious Lebanese breakfast, harvesting activities, and farm friends to keep you company.

Farmville enjoys a gorgeous view and quaint atmosphere, perfect to unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

2. Swings Camp, Zaraoun

For the adventurous bunch, go all out with an outdoor camping experience. Book a tent and table, play lots of boardgames, and enjoy yummy mashewe.

During the night, cozy up by the campfire and roast some sweet potatoes together. What a treat!

3. Chebanieh Home & Garden, Chebanieh

A quaint escape that enjoys a large garden for the kids to run around and spend some time in nature.

Make sure to pack a change of clothes because we’re sure the kids will want to get down and dirty in their garden.

4. Biomass Restaurant, Jrabta

Biomass is a farm-to-table restaurant with delectable homemade Lebanese food, so you want be too far from home.

What makes this spot the perfect family escape is their outdoor space, big enough for group activities.

5. Country Lodge Club, Bsalim

Did you know this spot hosts family buffets and wonderful fitness classes to keep your energy up?

Break a sweat during one of their Zumba classes, then fuel up with some international cuisine at their buffet!