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Beirut.com 10 Feb 2023

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With These 15 Foods

Take a walk down memory lane and disconnect from reality by revisiting these 15 food memories!

1. The first (but not last) shoe you ate:

2. These eyeglasses/chocolates:

3. The “salade Russe” that was randomly served at every restaurant in Lebanon:

4. These types of burgers you’d get at the beach:

5. These banana flavored wafers:

6. These sweet/scary faces:

7. The foret noire cake that you probably had at every birthday party:

8. This “fancy supermarket” imported treat:

9. These tiny jello packs:

10. These melt-in-your-mouth peanut chips:

11. This gum with flavor that lasts 0.3 seconds:

12. This!

13. These teta candies:

14. This chocolate “toothpaste” tube:

15. The sugar rush you get from taking a massive mouthful of this.