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Elise Daoud 07 Feb 2023

15 Reasons To Stay In Bed In Lebanon

You sleep, you wake, you work, you sleep, you wake, you work. It can get pretty monotonous, no? If you are tired and just need a reason to stay in bed, we’ve come up with 15 totally valid reasons for you.

1. It’s probably a national holiday

Eid Saint Assassinated King Day

2. You were woken up by a car honking so you’re going back to sleep out of spite

3. The “what is Saad el Hariri doing right now” test

After a heavy night of tweeting on his kpop stan account, he is sound asleep, and so should you be.

4. Ma fi kahraba

5. Ma fi may

Bfee2 w shu ba3mel? Be23od b 2arafe? no thanks.

6. Solidarity with Najat and Melhem

On day 119 of their parliament sleepover.

7. Your pet is sleeping very peacefully next to you and you don’t want to disturb them

8. Your dreams demanded you stay in bed

Never ignore these mystic messages.

9. If today is:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, stay in bed

10. There’s a thunderstorm

11. You are in a sleeping competition and your opponents are Nabih Berri and Michel Aoun

12. You are Phoenician

Until the ancient civilization wakes up and returns to its glory, I will sleep.

13. You are staging a protest against the 24/7ization of life

Fr I will not be participating in the processes of accumulation and reproduction today.

14. Inflation

Whether it’s your stomach or the economy.

15. The vibes are off

Stay in bed and don’t look back.