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Elise Daoud 13 Feb 2023

9 Cute And Budget-Friendly Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day In Beirut

You don’t need a fancy dinner to impress your date on Valentine’s Day. Beirut is a city pumping with life (and love), so here are cute and budget-friendly date ideas that will make this special day more memorable.

1. Go on a love-themed scavenger hunt around the city

Seek out and snap shots of teddy bears, hearts, and cute elderly couples going on a stroll. You’ll get to spend some quality time with each other and tour the city.

2. Eat heart-shaped donuts at Dunkin’

Their white and chocolate hearts are delicious, especially if you enjoy them with their new cheesecake-flavored drinks that they made for Valentine’s.

3. Water your love with a few house cocktails at Lennon in Badaro

John Lennon said that love is like a precious plant, and you should keep watering it to keep it alive. Can you water plants with cocktails? We think you can.

4. Share your love for shawarma djej with this deal from Delish in Mar Mikhael

If you buy two chicken shawarma sandwiches, you’ll get an extra one for free! Sounds like a pretty good (and delicious) deal to enjoy.

5. Follow one of Abir Saghir’s cooking videos and try to make a homecooked dinner

@abir.sag 📽👩🏻‍🍳 #بسبوسة #بالشوكولا #baking #abirzkitchen ♬ original sound – Abir el saghir

Keyword is *try* because if you’ve ever watched Abir’s TikToks, you’ll find it a little difficult to keep up.

6. Have a pink AF lunch at Orenda and snap a selfie by their “Love made us do it” sign

This adorable spot is as lovey dovey as it gets. Make sure you bring your dog so they can score a date for Valentine’s Day too.

7. Join the Valentine’s night at The Duke for a night full of fun and laughter

With live music, fun games, and speed dating rounds! The tickets are priced $8 per person, and the doors open at 8:30 PM tonight.

8. Test your dancing skills with a Tango night at Abajour Beirut

The entrance fee is 200,000LL per person, and it includes a regular drink. Dance (or trip, for those who have two left feet) the night away!

9. Sip on discounted drinks at Boteco

Boteco is offering 20% off on all drinks all day long this Valentine’s Day with a taste of Bossa Nova music in the background.