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Elise Daoud 19 Feb 2023

Here Are Some Pizza Places In Lebanon To Add To Your Bucket List

We know Italian food lovers are itching for more spots that serve authentic Italian pizza, so we curated a list of places around Lebanon for you to add to your bucket list.

1. Riccello, Saifi

Dedicated to the art of authentic Neapolitan cuisine, Riccello serves handcrafted pizzas for those with exquisite tastes. You’ll find this pizzeria in the streets of Saifi Village, where you’ll get to enjoy freshly made pizzas with a glass of your favorite wine.

2. SOUL Pizzeria and Grill, Dbayeh

This spot makes pizza for the soul, mixing it up with traditional recipes and flavorful creations for you to bite into. Those who love savoring simple meals will fall in love with their traditional Margherita, but don’t miss out on their handcrafted bresaola pizza.

3. Piazza1140, Hammana

Piazza1140 is an Italian restaurant in the heart of Hammana, and they’ve mastered traditional recipes, from wood fired pizzas to baked specialty dishes. Their expertly made thin crust pizzas will satisfy your palate with their perfect combination of ingredients.

4. Mamma in Cuccina, Gemmayze

Mamma in Cuccina is one of the newest additions to the food scene in Gemmayze, but their chefs have displayed their many years of expertise and passion for serving rich Italian cuisine. Mamma in Cuccina is home to some of the most delicious lasagna, burrata, and pesto pizza.

5. Pizzeria Da Marco, Mar Mikhael

A classic spot that deserves a spot in every pizza guide because of their impeccably prepared pizzas. Inspired by cuisine from the magnificent city of Naples, Pizzeria Da Marco is known for their traditional flavors and irresistible pizzas.

6. Pizzaiolo, Baysour

Pizzaiolo is an iconic Italian spot in Mount Lebanon, loved by the locals for bringing an authentic taste of Italy to the region. Watch them hand stretch your pizza and place it in their wood fire oven before you get to enjoy their lightly charred yet perfectly soft goodness.