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Sarah Tarhini 27 Feb 2023

4 Romantic Getaways For Couples In The Heart Of Ehden

Getaways in Ehden are some of the most romantic experiences you can have in this country – coated in snow, surrounded by marvelous mountainscapes, and tucked away in nature. These getaways set the mood for all couples who want to spend some quality time together in one of Lebanon’s most marvelous cities. Check them out!

1. Karaz Ehden

A magnificent guesthouse that will stun you with its beautiful architecture. A walk through this heritage home will be an unforgettable cultural experience, with its high stone walls, colorful window shutters, and fairy-tale like rooms.

Now covered in snow, you’ll fall in love with mornings spent at this retreat. Enjoy a cup of coffee as you gaze out the large windows that overlook Ehden’s beautiful mountains.

2. Maison Heritage

Maison Heritage is one of the most charming escapes, a go-to holiday home for many Ehden lovers. This homey retreat is the perfect escape from the bustling city life, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Exuding a coziness that you won’t find anywhere else, this getaway will be your home away from home. The traditional home sets the mood for an unforgettable candlelit dinner, surrounded by beautiful stone walls and décor.

3. The North Pod

Outside the realm of traditional homes, you’ll find a little white pod in the heart of nature, somewhere in Ehden’s mountains. This unique experience guarantees a luxurious experience for our nature lovers.

Not so easy to spot now amid the snow-covered trees, The North Pod will have you feeling shielded from the outside world. Devour an indulgent breakfast in the morning and cozy up over a fine glass of wine in the evening before tucking yourself into bed.

4. Zorba Lodges

Zorba Lodges is for the true winter lovers who can’t get enough of snow days. The lodge promises a warm holiday experience, boasting spacious rooms, marvelous views of Ehden, and a jacuzzi to top it all off.

A stay at this snowy retreat will be one for the books. You and your partner will find it hard to leave once you set foot in their beautiful rooms and have the full Zorba experience.