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Bassel Obeid 24 Feb 2023

9 Experiences In Beirut That Will Make Your Day 99% Better

While the city life is hectic, loud, and often unpredictable, there are so many wholesome experiences in Beirut that will automatically brighten up your day.

How many of these have you experienced?

1. When you crack jokes with 3ammo l service

And when he enjoys your company and refuses to charge you for the ride (but you pay him, of course).

2. Or when he offers to drop you off as close as possible to your destination la2anno “3a tari2o”

Even though he wasn’t heading in that direction. Some heroes don’t wear capes.

3. When you smell freshly made mana2eesh while passing by a local bakery in the morning

And then you just HAVE to stop to eat one, and it turns out even better than it smells.

4. When someone helps you parallel park your car in a tight street

If you’re this type of person, thank you for helping us hopeless parkers find where the street ends and the sidewalk begins.

5. When a cat meows at you while you’re strolling through Beirut

And then you say hi AND IT MEOWS AGAIN????

6. Or when you spot someone walking an excited golden retriever on Corniche El Manara

Nothing will brighten up your day more.

7. When your mom doesn’t leave 1274 missed calls and texts asking where you are

It’s a peaceful day. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Your phone is chilling. Your Lebanese mom is not being very Lebanese mom.

8. When you manage to hear just enough juicy gossip while people pass by you

Keef ye3ne Mohamad ba3d ma hekeha la Lana w elon aktar men jem3a they hooked up? Shu l wade3? Lesh hek?

9. When a car gracefully stops for you to cross the street on Hamra without giving you a heart attack

We prefer this over the screeching stop. Lesh btontro la ekher nafas la twa2foolna? 3a shu mesta3jleen?