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Sarah Tarhini 26 Feb 2023

12 Things Old People Always Do In Lebanon That We Love

Does anyone start feeling like they’re turning into their teta and jeddo as they get older? Well, set your mid-life crisis aside because we all love old people.

You’ll find yourself doing these things eventually, might as well start practicing.

1. They are always up to date on every mosalsal ba3d l akhbar

Even if they miss an episode, b de2o la their neighbor to stay up to date.

2. They can read those tiny manual watches on their wrists (but need glasses for everything else)

It’s a talent.

3. They talk shit with you about l jeel l azghar menkon (aka Gen Z)

Nothing is more rewarding than having an old person talk shit about the kids that are younger than you.

4. They know Beirut like the back of their hand

They know every street and probably have a story about it too. Which leads us to #5.

5. They love telling everyone cute stories about when they were your age

On the rare occasions that they leave out war and tragedy, they have some pretty cool stories to share.

6. They manage to be up and ready for the day by 7 AM (and they don’t even set an alarm)

How do they do it?

7. They swear that eating fresh fruits every day is the reason why they’re in such good shape

W b ghaslo l fweke b mayet shereb akid. That’s the secret.

8. They’re obsessed with peppermint-flavored Chiclets

If you’re wondering why old people smell like peppermint 24/7, this is why.

9. They hate on everything

L balad, l wade3, l sha3b, l tor2at, l kahraba, l may, kilo l basal – they will always find something to hate, and we love it.

10. They know how to bargain a good deal (yes, even better than any Lebanese mom)

We hope to become as good as you are at bargaining ya 3ammo <3

11. They still manage to get really old candies that you can’t find in any supermarket

No one knows where they get their hands on those candies with flavors don’t last longer than 2 minutes. Perhaps they’ve still held on to them for many years. Who knows?

12. They memorize phone numbers

We don’t know how they do it but their memory sure is a lot better than ours.