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Sarah Tarhini 02 Mar 2023

5 Family-Friendly Spots Around Lebanon

As the saying goes, “Time spent with family is time well spent,” so we’ve decided to take you on a tour of 5 incredible family-friendly destinations in Lebanon.

1. Clay, Qornet Chouwen

Serving both as a restaurant and a playground, Chouwen’s Clay offers a variety of amenities like a toddler’s area, a large playground, Wii and PlayStation sections to keep your kids entertained for hours, and of course a restaurant that serves up meals suitable for all.

2. Red Deer Resto Café, Hadat

This Hadat spot is ideal for family outings particularly for younger kids. With plenty of delectable home-style food, family shows, and kids events, Red Deer will make for an unforgettable bonding experience.

3. Biomass Restaurant, Jarbta

Biomass is a farm-to-table restaurant with delectable homemade Lebanese food, so you want be too far from home. What makes this spot the perfect family escape is their outdoor space, big enough for group activities.

4. Jalset Liza, Metn, Zeghrine

A hidden gem in Metn that combines scenic mountain views with family fun. It’s the perfect retreat to take in some fresh air while the kids are in full swing in the playground.

5. Domaine de Taanayel, Taanayel

A former covent turned nature reserve and agricultural farm managed by the NGO arcenciel, this magical haven in the Bekaa will take your breath away. A scenic walk among the grape vines will lead you to the picturesque lake. Sit on one of the benches, feed the ducks, and take it all in. This is a fantastic spot for children and adults alike.

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