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Mia Arawi 03 Mar 2023

All Lebanese Mom Comebacks, Ranked

Lebanese moms come up with the most savage comebacks, and since we hear them so often, we thought we would rank them from our most to least favorite comebacks.

1. “Eh w ye3ne?”

Emotional damage: minimal

2. “Walla shu?”

Always said in the most hilarious and exaggerated voice. 10/10 tbh.

3. “Absar meen ekhedelkon 3a2letkon”

Mom thinking fi hada lekeshne? A (very rare) ego boost.

4. “Tale3 la bayyak”

May potentially lead to a brief alliance with your dad for a rebuttal.

5. “Eh 2oom tbokh kel yom eza ma 3ajbak”

One of the worst responses when you’re hungry.

6. “Fi labne bel barrad”

THE absolute worst response when you’re hungry.

7. “Ana ma 3ende la shaghle wla 3amle ghayrkon la2an”

Often in response to a small request.
Emotional damage: average to high

8. “Treko lal telephone w betso7”

Shu khas osba3 ejre bel telephone ya emme?